Welcome to our family! In May of 1997, the Florida legislature passed HB 1371 which created the “Prison Releasee Reoffender Act.” This is a “2-strikes law” which states that anyone who commits a qualifying offense under the statute within 3 years of being released from a prison sentence no longer qualifies to be sentenced under the regular guidelines. The prosecutor alone has discretion as to who qualifies, and once they deem someone to be a PRR the judge has no discretion and must sentence the individual to the statutory maximum sentence. All those sentenced under PRR must serve 100% of their sentence, and are not eligible for gain time, or any kind of early release.

For more information on the PRR and why we are fighting to retroactively amend/repeal this law, please visit each tab for more information. The “About” section will give an overview of several key points which show the disproportionality of PRR sentencing. You may also find the articles from The Marshall Project and the Tampa Bay Times (links for which are provided below) very informative.

Recent reports by The Marshall Project and The Tampa Bay Times regarding PRR!